Bouncy Time presents the

Boredom Buster Challenge

 We are determined to help keep children entertained and engaged. Our goal is to provide you with activities for children of all ages and abilities that can be done around the house or yard. 

To escape boredom, Bouncy Time will be posting a variety of fun activities for you to try with your family.  If you post a picture or video doing any of the activities to our Facebook page, then you will automatically be entered for a chance to win coupons for the 2020 or 2021 season. 

More details regarding winner selection and rules will be released in the upcoming weeks. 

Below are your Boredom Buster Challenges!  

Week 3 Challenges

Limbo Competition

Limber up and see who can go the lowest!  

Use a broom, pool noodle, or anything else you have laying around.

Draw, Color, or Paint

Show off your artistic skills!

Easter Egg Activity

Paint eggs, hide and find eggs, or make a game or activity using plastic eggs!

Some ideas:

Help with Chores

Lend a helping hand and take care of some chores for mom and dad!

Week 2 Challenges

Put a Scavenger Hunt together

Create your own or print a themed scavenger hunt.
Happy Hunting!

Make a Pinata

Celebrate with a homemade pinata and create a candy explosion!
Here's how:

Put on a Play

Act out your favorite book or movie.  

Kids can write their own play too.
Don't forget the popcorn!

DIY Games and Activities

Week 1 Challenges

Chalk Activities

Make a Simon Says Color Hop or create your own Obstacle Course.  

Get creative!


Indoor Sports

Did your sports get cancelled?  Host your own game or family tournament.

Some ideas: 

DIY Activity Wheel

Need to get some energy out?  Spin the wheel and get moving! 

How to: